Silly Billy Season

  Although most of the major college job vacancies have been filled already (unless Mack Brown is or isn’t fired/quit/retired/secretly-abducted-and-replaced-by-a-smiling-Weekend-at-Bernies’-version-of-himself), the NFL’s coaching carousel’s spin has just begun. And what that means for Penn State fans is get ready for another coaching-search silly season with our own Bill O’Brien. PSU fans seem to come in […]

2014 Penn State Position Breakdown (with analysis)

  I know we have nine more months to do this. But I can’t help it. My breakdown of positions where Penn State football will be better, worse, or the same in 2014. QB—Better. Hackenberg next year will probably resemble McGloin’s grasp and control of O’Brien’s offense, with even better physical tools. Hopefully Ferguson sticks […]

Penn State themed Christmas light show

It's that time of year again when complex, well-crafted and carefully orchestrated Christmas light shows are put on display that could legitimately cause seizures for some, yet we all seem to get a kick out of. Personally, I have grown tired of these annual videos because at this point I have not seen anything real new […]

Why Conference Championships Will Drive the College Football Playoff

With the college football regular season wrapping up this week and conference championship games just around the corner, the BCS picture is getting clearer. Of course, this is the last year that just two teams will be selected to play for the championship. The College Football Playoff (or CFP) will be the new sheriff in […]

Midweek Serenity: Ten years ago hope

  I’ll admit. I had various angles for this week’s edition. Freshman Follies—the story of Christian Hackenberg’s highs and lows as a precocious quarterback on an inexperienced offense. Sophomore Slump—the expose of coach Bill O’Brien’s lack of rhythm as a play-caller and unusual personnel decisions at key moments during his rough second season at the […]

Midweek Serenity: 63-14, now and then

  It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times again. Was Charles Dickens talking about Penn State’s month of October 2013? From the Indiana game, to the Michigan game, to the Ohio State game—Penn State fans have experienced thrills and chills long before October 31st […]

Midweek Serenity: Ring the Bell Again

  We all know we saw something special on Saturday night. The question now turns to—how special was it? Fans are asking. Journalists are asking. And authors are asking. Like me. My book Ring The Bell: The Twenty-two Greatest Penn State Football Victories of Our Lives tells the stories of the best games—home, away, and […]

Blue White Roundtable: Don’t ask about Indiana

Penn State suffered a brutal loss at Indiana last weekend and returns home this weekend for Homecoming and an early evening, or late afternoon, kickoff against undefeated Michigan. The Wolverines have struggled on their way to a perfect mark entering the weekend, but have depth on their side against Penn State. Can the Nittany Lions […]

This guy took Penn State’s loss to Indiana pretty hard

Penn State's loss to Indiana on Saturday was about as ugly as it could get. Leading 14-13 midway through the third quarter, Penn State pretty much had a sequence of events just start to snowball on them with no way to slow it down before the clock hitting triple zeros. The loss exhibited a number […]

Midweek Serenity: Coach is right

I fired my opening salvo last week after a 34-0 victory over Kent State, so it’s hard to load up that same gun again. I optimistically concluded:  “Last year’s metamorphosis gives me reason to believe that O’Brien can learn from what he saw in the first month of the season…It starts with Hack’s stats taking […]


Blue White Roundtable is ready for B1G play

October marks the start of Big Ten play for Penn State and it gets underway this weekend at Indiana. Penn State has historically dominated the Hoosiers, owning an 11-0 head-to-head record, but this Indiana team looks to be capable of giving Penn Stet a good run this weekend. This week the folks at Joe Pa's […]

Midweek Serenity: A Bone to Pick

  Amidst all of the hope and elation of our sanction reductions (more to come), this week’s article will focus back on the field. And this week, my usually cheery self has a bone to pick. The most maddening playcalling I can ever remember as a Penn State fan was the 2007 game at Michigan […]

Will Maryland let the Blue Band perform in Baltimore in 2015?

The game is a couple more years away but the question is somewhat relevant today. When Maryland and Penn State play each other in Baltimore in 2015, will the Blue Band be allowed to perform on the field? This may not be as silly a question as you might think. Maryland is playing West Virginia […]

Blue White Roundtable is back in business

Many of you know I have been covering Penn State football for the past few years for as well as this start-up website. Unfortunately, my coverage of Penn State football has been greatly reduced due to taking on a new position with College Football Talk on and my new role with Crystal Ball […]

Mitchell Report Raves About PSU Progress

Former U.S. Senator George Mitchell–appointed to monitor over 100 recommendations of change for Penn State University following the Freeh Report and NCAA sanctions last year–released his yearly report on Friday, September 6, and the university came back with glowing reviews. While the quarterly reports had shown excellent compliance and change within PSU, the annual report […]