Exclusive Interview with 2013 TE Adam Breneman

Is PSU in the running for Blue Chip 2013 TE?  Read On!

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Nittany Lion’s Den: How’ve you been man?  How’s the off-season going?

Adam Breneman: It’s going great.  Since the season I’ve gained some weight and went from 205 to 220-225.  I also got faster.  Just keep going hard, you know?

NLD: What’s your 40 looking like?

AB: Hand timed I’m everywhere from high 4.5s to 4.7.  I’m trying to get electronic timed soon.

NLD: Nice.  In some schemes a 40 times is important for a TE, but obviously there’s a lot more involved.

What schools are recruiting you, and what do they think your best attribute is?

AB: Yeah true, I just feel like if you’re fast on the field, your forty time shouldn’t matter.  And I have offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Maryland, Virginia, Boston College, Rutgers and Temple so far.

I think what separates me is my receiving ability.  I’ve pretty much played WR since freshman year, but I have a big frame and I can be physical enough to block on the line of scrimmage.  I pretty much broke all my school’s receiving records already, so my hands and speed is definitely what I think separates me.




NLD: That’s pretty legit for just two years.

Are any of those who have offered standing above the rest?  How does PSU fit in all that?

AB: I really like every school so far.  After this season I’ll start to narrow things and and then I’ll definitely make a decision before my senior year.

And I was at PSU two week-ends ago.  I know that I will be getting an offer from PSU pretty soon.  I am very high on them, I got to work with some coaches and I know they really want me.  My family and I are actually going back up in early August to visit.

NLD: Nice.  Obviously as a PSU blogger I’m hoping you end up in Blue and White, but a lot of the other school’s that have offered are great both academically and athletically.

How much with those two things – academics and football tradition – play a roll in your decision?

AB: Academics are very important.  I know that at some point football will end, so I need to be ready for life after football.  And I definitely want to play in a system that will allow me to catch the ball and make plays.  I want to compete for championships, and I want to be comfortable with the coaching staff.

NLD: Do you know what you’re looking to major in?

AB: Probably business or political science.

NLD: Is there anything you want to add?

AB: Oh yeah, I’ll be there for the Alabama and Nebraska game this year.