2013 North Carolina TE Looking at PSU

Brickhouse Looking North

Photo courtesy of Chris Brickhouse

Raleigh (NC) Needham Broughton HS tight end Chris Brickhouse is one of the most highly sought-after TEs in ACC country for the 2013 class.  However, even with four in-state BCS schools, Brickhouse is looking around the country.  “My coach wanted to know what colleges that aren’t in the south I would be interested in, and I definitely put PSU way up there.”

Brickhouse has been having a hard time visiting schools following a basketball injury though.  “My injury came in a basketball game when I landed with a straight leg off a dunk. I had a complex tear in my meniscus that could only be repaired by surgery, and they had to take out part of my meniscus.” 

“But I will definitely be 100% by the official season.”

Besides Penn State, Brickhouse is looking at an array of other schools.  “NC State, Duke, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest.  And VT, UVa and Dartmouth.”

“Duke has shown the most interest, but I’d be happy to play at any of those schools. I’m looking for a school with good academics for sure.”

Chris has said that he’d like to major in Business or Athletic Training, and academics will play a key roll in his final decision.

In the weight room, Brickhouse said he benches 285, runs a 4.6 forty, is 6’4″ and 195 lbs.  He squatted 330 before his knee surgery.