Class of 2012 Review: Wide Receivers

Who We Lost: Derek Moye

Prospects Needed: 1-3

Prospects Signed: 4

Malik Golden (Cheshire, CT)
Eugene Lewis (Plymouth, PA)
Jonathan Warner (Camas, WA)
Trevor Williams (Towson, MD)

Penn State never went after some of the top national talent at the wide receiver position, even when highly touted prospects such as Stefon Diggs (Uncommitted) and Jordan Payton (UCLA) claimed to have interest.  They spent a small amount of time talking to Keithon Redding (Tennessee), but ultimately ended up settling on taking just one receiver in this class, Eugene Lewis.  However, after losing commitments at other positions throughout the end of the season, the previous staff coaching staff offered Penn State legacy Jonathan Warner.  Later, the new staff would offer Trevor Williams and ask previous defensive back commit Malik Golden to move to offense.

Golden displays adequate speed and agility, and utilizes them well with excellent vision.  Although he may be a little undersized, he has good body control in the air that allows him to gain separation from DBs and make the catch.

Reminds me of: Curtis Drake

Malik Golden, Photo Courtesy of


Eugene Lewis did everything for the Spartans this year, including spending time at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, punt returner and kick returner.  He excelled at each position, and has all the qualities needed to make it at the next level.  He is a lengthy receiver who should be reliable on fly and post patterns, and also has good agility to make would-be tacklers miss.

Reminds me of: Dwayne Bowe


Jonathan Warner lacks great size, speed and open field ability, but it is a little surprising that no other school besides Penn State offered him a scholarship.  He displays good fundamentals and hands that can make him a valuable slot receiver in any system.

Reminds me of: Jordan Norwood


Lastly, Trevor Williams has a good frame for a wide receiver, and can be used both as a wide-out and a slot receiver.  The former West Virginia commit has adequate agility with above average speed.  He utilizes good body control when makes catches and has a stop-and-go move to make defensive players miss.  He also does not go down easily for a player his size.

Reminds me of: Chafie Fields




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