With great stipends comes great responsibility

By all accounts it appears as though Penn State is currently in position to be able to offer the largest player stipends once Big Ten programs begin handing out stipends to scholarship athletes this year. If the numbers hold firm, then Penn State’s coaching staff will figure to have a legitimate recruiting advantage in one […]

Big Ten Football Tailgate 2011

Big Ten Roundtable: Bold predictions for 2015

The final installment in an extensive roundtable discussion about the Big Ten concludes today. After reviewing the state of the conference, scanning spring storylines, having fun with making our own changes to the conference, it is time to bring this roundtable discussion to a close with our bold predictions for 2015. And boy do we […]

Big Ten Divisions

Big Ten Roundtable: What one B1G change would you make?

We are just about finished with our extensive roundtable discussion on the Big Ten. Before we get to our final thoughts though, each member of the panel was given a chance to make one change for the Big Ten. They were given the authority to do anything they wanted with the conference rules, scheduling or […]

Cup of Joe

Morning Cup of Joe – Keith Olbermann apologizes, top Big Ten QBs ranked

Our pals over at Talking 10 ranked the top five quarterbacks in the Big Ten entering this offseason. Perhaps surprisingly, only two Ohio State quarterbacks made the cut. Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg received some praise and is ranked second. After being suspended by ESPN for his poor Twitter behavior last week, Keith Olbermann returned to the […]

Penn State quarterback D.J. Crook and James Franklin. Crook transfered to Albany in 2015.

Why you should stop being outraged about Penn State’s 2015 schedule

I generally try to avoid reading the PennLive Fan Line, but sometimes I either cannot help myself or I open the link by accident. In any event, I was not all that surprised to see the complaints in the most recent Fan Line post this weekend, with a couple complaints about Penn State’s 2015 schedule. […]

Roundtable: Spring stories to follow

Big Ten Roundtable: Spring football headlines

Spring is in the air as we continue powering our way through our extensive Big Ten roundtable. Today the topic is spring football. Some programs are already underway while spring practice schedules are creeping up quickly around the Big Ten, and there will be plenty to watch this year around the conference. Our panel of […]

Brady Hoke

Big Ten Roundtable: B1G disappointment from 2014?

There are two sides to every coin. Two sides to every argument. A yin to every yang. Just as there are pleasant surprises every season in college football, there are an equal number of disappointments.In our ongoing Big Ten roundtable series we took a look at some of In our ongoing Big Ten roundtable series […]

Roundtable: B1G surprises in 2014.

Big Ten Roundtable: B1G surprise of 2014?

When Ohio State lost Braxton Miller for the 2014 season before it ever got started, many started to re-evaluate the Buckeyes and take them out of the College Football Playoff picture. J.T. Barrett stepped in and quickly became one of the more pleasant surprises in the country last fall. Before Barrett could lead Ohio State’s […]

Roundtable: Reviewing Maryland and Rutgers in 2014.

Big Ten Roundtable: Maryland and Rutgers Review

Their additions were not welcomed the way Nebraska was. Few expected Maryland and Rutgers to add much of anything to the Big Ten, but each program managed to hold its own on the football field in the latest expansion move made by the Big Ten, its second expansion in three years. Though sold the company […]

Jim Delany, Big Ten commissioner

Big Ten Roundtable: The Big Ten and Autonomy

One of the big words in college athletics over the past year has been “autonomy.” What exactly is it? The dictionary definition says it is a noun meaning the right of self-government, especially in a particular sphere. In this case, the sphere is the NCAA and the right to self-govern is given to the power […]

Part 2: Where does the Big Ten rank among power conferences?

Big Ten Roundtable: Where the Big Ten ranks

For years the SEC has been on top of the college football world, and it was believed the gap between the SEC and everyone else in college football was becoming wider. That perception was dented when Florida State rallied to defeat Auburn in the last BCS National Championship Game two seasons ago, and the tune […]

More Roundtable: Is the Big Ten back?

Big Ten Roundtable: Is the Big Ten “back?”

As college football transitions from the 2014 season to the 2015 season and spring practices get started across the country, there may be no other conference that looks to build on the momentum of the previous season the way the Big Ten does. The Big Ten got off to a slow start in 2014 but […]

Cup of Joe

Morning Cup of Joe – NFL Combine wrap-up, Tom Bradley to UCLA

Lots of good stuff to get to today… The NFL Combine is now wrapped up for Penn State players. Victory Bell Rings looks at the performance of Penn State players. Be sure to visit Optimum Scouting for a full rundown of NFL Combine coverage as well. Black Shoe Diaries had an interesting question yesterday. Which […]