The Big Ten as Simpsons characters, Penn State is Moe

Have you ever wondered what Simpsons character Penn State would be? If you answered "No, that's silly," aren't you curious now? Thanks to the wonderful world of Reddit, we now have an answer.

Yep, Penn State is Moe the bartender. Now the question is, why?

There are two beliefs in play, one which seems to pile on and will likely not sit too well for some.

Fans of The Simpsons will tell you that Moe can be a bit of a creep at times. His crush on Marge has at times had me question his loyalty to one of his only friends, and one of his top customers, Homer. And he has been known to go on hot dates oggle the girls in the Victoria's Secret Sears catalog. While he may have a good heart somewhere in that scrawny body of his, his actions tend to turn others off more often than not. It is because of his creepy presence that some have suggested Moe represent Penn State after the entire Jerry Sandusky scandal and fallout. Hey, it could be worse.

The other potential explanation could be that Penn State is known as a bar town. You know, a drinking town with a football problem, State Patty's Day, yadda yadda yadda (as I now cross references from one sitcom franchise to another). IT is far less offensive to many and it is plausible as well.

So, what about the rest of the Big Ten, including incoming members Rutgers and Maryland in 2014? We'll let the picture do the explaining for us…

I have to admit, the Mr. Burns and Smithers choices were perfect. Wisconsin is spot on, as is Minnesota. Rutgers is old, get it? What do you think about the other selections?

HT: Reddit user redditnoob67 (used with permission)

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