The Runner’s High Podcast is everywhere


If you listened to the “Nittany Lions Den Track Report” last week, you know that the show has taken on a new name, “The Runner’s High Podcast”. Nick and I are very excited about where the show is headed and are already planning an awesome summer of coverage all the way through the London Olympics! But we need your help. Get the word out about the show, and follow us on our new pages on Facebook and Twitter.

We are now on Twitter as @RunnersHigh_PC and on Facebook at 

The podcast will be posted on Nittany Lions Den each Tuesday, just like usual. It is also available on as well as iTunes

You can also send us questions and comments via email:

We will continue to bring you great coverage and analysis of the sport that will draw the attention of the world this summer in London. Will Usain Bolt break his world records? Will an American return to the Olympic marathon podium? Don’t go anywhere, we’ve got it all covered right here on The Runner’s High Podcast and Nittany Lions Den.