Old and angry: How did it get that way?

Are we really just old and angry?

Remember how loud it was in Beaver Stadium during the Ohio State game? It was up there as the loudest it’s been in that place.

Let’s just say it was considerably louder than it was back in 1993 when Michigan sauntered into Beaver Stadium during its first visit for a conference game.

Heck, at the time the stadium didn’t even have an upper deck in the south end zone. It was a day game and not a night game. This was before we had “the best student section in the country.” This was before whiteouts. This was when Beaver Stadium had the reputation of being quiet.

Yet, Penn State was called for a penalty because Beaver Stadium was too loud.

Are you kidding me?

As if to tell us to remember who was in charge.

When was the last time that penalty was ever called? Have you ever seen that penalty called?

I had the unique and fun opportunity of going on a couple of radio shows this week to discuss my open letter to students asking them to consider coming to the last two home football games.

The letter seemed to resonate with many and I’m grateful for the response. I guess the blind squirrel theory really is applicable every now and again.

Anyway, when asked about the blown call in the Nebraska game by The School Philly guys, I obviously said that it was horrible. But I also added that I couldn’t believe that Nebraska has been in the Big Ten for all of two years and got back-to-back gift victories from officials’ calls in consecutive weeks – and Penn State has been in the conference for 20 years and doesn’t get those calls.

Some fans are still upset over how things have been handled (Photo from 2011).

After completing the interview and hanging up, I continued to listen to the show and the guys brought up the point that many “older” alumni think the Big Ten is out to get Penn State.

They said that they didn’t agree with that.

I would say that from any logical or rational point of view, I would say that there is no conspiracy of any sort. However, many fans don’t look at it from any sort of rational point of view.

The problem is – that if you’re in school now you only know Penn State as a member of the Big Ten. That is not a foreign thing for any of you. If you only know Penn State football as a member of the Big Ten you are not jaded by the fact that the other Big Ten schools criticized the move of Penn State to their own conference.

You are not jaded by fans, commentators, analysts and announcers telling us the Big Ten would not be bullied by Penn State or Joe Paterno.

Much like it does at this moment, when Penn State joined the league, it sucked. Penn State was clearly the best program in the conference (see 1994) and all other Big Ten schools hated it and let that be known.

You are not jaded by 20 years of bad calls – you only know of the couple this year.

You don’t remember that stadium noise violation or the myriad of other calls that happened at Michigan or against Ohio State.

So I applaud your logic and wish more old, angry alumni had it.

Unfortunately, by default, we’re old enough to remember all that stuff – and that’s why we sometimes appear to be angry after calls like the one at Nebraska.

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