Dick Vitale still supporting Joe Paterno, not afraid to defend his point of view

Without question it remains somewhat controversial when a member of the national sports media voices his or her opinions about Joe Paterno, whether in support of or in defiance to the former Penn State head coach. Many times the anti-Paterno statements can be lost on specifics of the story. To be fair, there are many times when Paterno supporters fail to look at the situation without blue and white goggles as well. Noted ESPN basketball personality Dick Vitale shared his thoughts on Paterno over the weekend following this interview Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski had with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

In the interview Coach K, who as you remember took part in a special ESPN program last summer about doing things the right way in collegiate athletics, criticized Penn State, among other things, for the firing of Paterno. Vitale took to Twitter to agree with the fact that Paterno was not the main villain in this tragic tale, and quickly became the target of criticism for defending the actions (or inaction) of Paterno in response to the Jerry Sandusky allegations and alleged incidents.

As a Twitter onslaught against Vitale ensued, Vitale at times reminded his followers just what was the point of his initial comments. Paterno, while not 100 percent free of guilt in this unfolding story, was never the number one villain to be focusing on, just the most notable.








I, for one, agree with the above Vitale tweets. Could Paterno have done more? Yes. Should he have done more? I believe so. Is Paterno the man people should be focusing on right now? More than the people who had more power and possibly knew more about the situations related to Sandusky, the real antagonist in the whole mess? No.

I do not blame anyone for feeling Paterno should be called out for his role in all of this, but just keep in mind just how much more responsible other people may have been in all of this.

The trial of Sandusky will resume Monday, with the defense ready to start staing their case and calling their witnesses.

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