Cup of Joe: July 20th

Cup of Joe: Where we’re hungry for more

Well, Cup of Joe got half of our projected commitments yesterday.  Now we want the other half.  Or a donut.

-College Fantasy Football Insider releases their East+ (Leaders) Division preview

-Good Analysis here by ESPN on their position ranking series

-Football Eve is set and ready to roll

-Freshman, here is some of the best advice you can find on the web

-Penn State Central discusses the QB position for the fall.  Which is good because, ya know, there’s not much talk about the QB position already.


*The division names Leaders and Legends suck.  They really do, and there’s no way around it – except for giving them better names.  That’s why I prefer to give them names based on their geographic region, the “East (Plus Wisconsin)” division and “West (Minus Wisconsin)” division, or ‘East+’ and ‘West-’ for short.