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Over on Crystal Ball Run I shared my thoughts on the championship games being played this weekend (with the exceptions of the MAC and Conference USA – yeah, we’re elitist I suppose). Here is my take on the Big Ten championship game. Feel free to share your predictions as well in the comment section below, or over on Crystal Ball Run.

From Crystal Ball Run…

Both teams are playing well right now, but Wisconsin just seems to be playing like a team on a mission. They totally dismantled a Penn State defense that looked like a middle of the pack MAC team (they are far better than how they looked against Wisconsin) and if Wilson and Ball are able to have a field day once again, there are not many teams that will be able to stop them.

I think Michigan State is more than capable of winning this game, especially with a defense that has only allowed 15.4 points per game this season. I think their offense is gritty and capable of moving the football against Wisconsin. But if this comes down to one important offensive drive, I think there are plenty of tricks up Bret Bielema’s sleeves to find a way to get Wilson and Ball in to scoring position with a game on the line.

The Pick: Wisconsin 27, Michigan State 23


Find out what the rest of the staff had to say about this and the ACC Championship game and mroe once they become available.

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